Disaster Reminder

If only disasters came with a warning, we’d be able to plan last minute for them to happen. But that’s not how they work. They like to sneak up on us, when we are busy and have big plans and are completely inconvenient.

disaster sticky noteIf there is some kind of warning, like a weather watch, are we really listening?
We often postpone thinking about, or acting on this type of information because it makes us nervous. We are all inclined to be “unrealistically optimistic”. Even if we’ve been warned of a possible danger our subconscious tells us “it will be alright” or “I don’t need to worry about, because it will never happen to me.” Despite what we may think or private-understanding we may have with the powers-that-be, disasters are going to happen on their schedule, not ours.

Those of us who have taken steps to plan often end up feeling like the
experience was not such a big disaster. It’s those people caught by surprise who endure the hardest experiences. Not planning is the element that leads to

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